What's the attire for the wedding?

  • Dressy Casual / semiformal (i.e. dress pants and a button shirt, a summer dress, or anything along those lines)

  • Shoes: please wear shoes that are outdoor friendly - the ceremony and reception are a 10 min walk apart on gravel/grass, and the reception is outside as well. We'll have a car shuttling those who don’t wish to walk.

  • We strongly recommend bringing a layer or two in case it gets chilly - both the ceremony and reception are outside.

How do I RSVP?

Where are all of the wedding events taking place?

When should I arrive?

  • Our ceremony will be at 3pm on Saturday, June 8th. We recommend you arrive by 2:45 to give yourself time to get to the ceremony site. 

What about Friday and Saturday morning?

  • We will have access to the Bell Valley property on Friday afternoon and have decided to host a super casual BBQ dinner that evening for anyone who would like to swing by. Whether you are staying onsite or offsite, you are more than welcome to enjoy the venue both that evening and Saturday before the ceremony.

    • Please feel free to bring games for either of those times! There is plenty of space for things like bocce, crochet and badminton as well as more contained (at least physically) options like board games.

    • If you are planning on bringing any games (big thank you in advance), please let us know so we can coordinate!

  • If you would like more information about arriving Friday afternoon, please check out the unlinked “Friday” page, and, as always, ask us if you have any questions.

Will there be breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings?

  • Yes! We will be providing a light breakfast of granola, fruit, and yogurts both Saturday and Sunday mornings. There is also a lovely cafe 10min down the hill in Boonville if you would prefer something more substantial.

Can I bring my own food?

  • Sure! There are refrigerators / stoves / microwaves in each of the housing options at Bell Valley. You may to bring your own breakfast/lunch foods if you would like.

  • If you have any dietary restrictions for the catered dinner on Saturday, please let us know!

Can I bring a +1?

  • We are having an intimate wedding, but if we left your significant other off of your invitation envelope please feel free to include them on your RSVP form!

How can I arrange carpools with other guests?

  • Fill out this Google Form if you can drive others or if you need a ride, we will help connect you with other guests!

Is there parking at the Toll House?

  • Yes! Although there is room to park at Bell Valley, we’d still recommend carpooling as much as is comfortable.

How should I get around while I'm in town?

  • We recommend renting a car when you arrive at the airport as you'll likely want it to explore the Valley and there isn’t any public transportation in the area. If you're planning to drink, you can either designate a driver or plan to say on site.

Is there Uber and/or Lyft ?

  • Unfortunately, Uber and Lyft don't seem to be active in the area yet.

Will there be cell service at the venue?

  •  You will most likely not have any cell reception at the venue (Verizon is spotty, AT&T is worse, and we haven’t tested others). There is plenty of WiFi however!

What should I do while I'm in town?

Other questions? Email us: gilliejulienwedding@gmail.com.